Regional artists on show at Gallery DownTown

Exhibitions from Tweed and Gold Coast artists now open in Murwillumbah CBD

Monday 13 July, 2020

Gallery DownTown, the annexe of Tweed Regional Gallery, is presenting two new solo exhibitions by regional artists.

Murwillumbah-based artist Annie Long is exhibiting Fragmented Cohesion alongside Gauge by Gold Coast City artist Rae Saheli.

Annie Long's exhibition Fragmented Cohesion explores the notion of what researchers describe as 'The World Wide Web', acknowledging the communal, communicative, competitive and migratory nature of plants and microbes, played out within the structure of a forest. 

Long's ceramic is reflective of ideas surrounding the relationship between fungal networks that allow the species to communicate by sharing resources, such as a dying tree giving nutrients to younger trees, or to warn of impending danger by 'hacker' microbes.     

The guiding inspiration for Long's exhibition is her imaginings of the inner working of a forest. 

"Spending time in the magnificent rainforests of the Tweed have allowed me to see how communities build resilience and how they are adapting to the fragmentation of these ancient networks," Long said. 

Rae Saheli creates a body of work based on the 'process movement' that represents both chaos and chance juxtaposed with her planning of intention or intervention. Setting fire to materials, shooting at a surface with a shot gun, and manipulating wax upon a surface, Saheli explores the intersection between random and controlled elements.

Gauge explores the notion of variation and texture inspiring the viewer to reflect on the processes involved and the impact of that on the finished work. 

"My intention for the viewer is to feel and respond to my work with the invitation to enjoy a sensory and sensual experience," said Saheli

 "We are thrilled to present these two artists as part of the Community Access Exhibitions Program at Gallery DownTown. Annie and Rae each have their own distinct visual language, using a range of different materials, and I'm sure audiences will really connect with these engaging concepts and appreciate their art practice," Tweed Regional Gallery Director Susi Muddiman OAM said.

Gallery DownTown is continuing to present public programs digitally while social distancing measures remain in place. To find out more details, visit

Fragmented Cohesion and Gauge continue until Saturday 5 September.