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The Gallery DownTown is the annexe of one of the State’s most recognised regional galleries, Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre (TRGMOAC).

An initiative of Tweed Shire Council, and housed within the creative hub of Murwillumbah’s vibrant M|Arts Precinct (external link) , Gallery DownTown aims to act as a driver of creative and economic development in the heart of Murwillumbah’s CBD.

Exhibition spaces

The first exhibition space features works of art from the Gallery's collection of Australian art, complementing those on exhibition at the TRGMOAC on Mistral Road, Murwillumbah.

The second substantial exhibition space is devoted to showing the work of regional artists through an extension of the Gallery’s Community Access Exhibition Program (CAEP). Running since 2004, the aim of the CAEP is to provide regional artists with a professional venue for exhibitions of new work.

The extension of the CAEP to the Gallery DownTown space demonstrates the Gallery’s commitment to fostering the work of regional artists by presenting their works across two professional exhibition spaces and offering another venue for artists to sell their work.

Exhibitions at Gallery DownTown

The current exhibitions at Gallery DownTown are:

Jonathan Aatty by Hui Hai Xie

Hui Hai Xie b.1957
Jonathan Aatty 1996
oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas
165 x 181.5cm
Tweed Regional Gallery collection
Purchased with the financial assistance of the Tweed Regional Gallery Foundation Ltd. and Arts New South Wales, 1997
©The Artist

On Stillness - from the Tweed Regional Gallery collection

28 November 2020 - 23 March 2021

This exhibition features artworks from the Tweed Regional Gallery collection that embody the idea of stillness. Born out of the stillness imposed by the COVID-19 lockdown, the exhibition was first presented as an evolving online exhibition, initiated by the National Art School and Newcastle Art Gallery with contributions from the Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre, New England Regional Art Museum, Orange Regional Gallery, Wollongong Regional Gallery and Museum of Art and Culture Lake Macquarie.

Each gallery selected works from their collection that explored stillness in different ways – through time, across generations, through portraiture, still life, landscape and more. The result was an eclectic collection of works unified by a concept that was being experienced, in some way, across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online exhibition encouraged each contributing gallery to examine their collection from a new perspective. This real life version invites audiences to consider the concept of stillness both in relation to these artworks and to their own lived experiences.

Origin of Identity

Michael Stiegler
Terracotta Stamnos 2020
Painting on canvas
Image courtesy of artist

Origin of Identity

Michael Stiegler
5 February – 6 April 2021

Origin of Identity is an exhibition showcasing contemporary tribalism, expressing identity and culture to reveal modern mythology.

Featuring large paintings, mixed media collages on canvas, works on paper and vessels with characters and motifs, inspired by ancient and pagan mythology, but depicting modern identity and diversity. The artworks are interpretations of what modern relics or artifacts could be, portraying individualism and self, rather than actual objects.

A collection of paintings named ‘The Met Series’ portray large brightly coloured vessels, with characters and patterns covering the surface. Each figure is unique, yet they all fit together in disorganised harmony. Alongside collages that tell a story when multiplied together, almost as if it were a magazine spread coming alive, reflecting Michael Stiegler’s history in fashion. The characters represent how Stiegler sees people from the inside, their inner-selves.

Origin of Identity will showcase these themes.

Purple is Black Blooming

Aaron Chapman
Everything's A Ceiling 2019
Image courtesy of artist

Purple is Black Blooming

Aaron Chapman
5 February – 6 April 2021

Purple is Black Blooming is an ongoing reflection of childhood and the home, as our experiences inside these spaces have the potential to deliver the foundation for who we become.

Through documentary and fine art photography languages, and a large sculpture made from the packing boxes used to move from the artist’s childhood home, Chapman tells a deeply personal narrative both mourning and celebrating the colourful imagination of childhood innocence.

Purple is Black Blooming invites viewers to reflect on their own experiences in their childhood home(s) and to consider how these significant physical environments protect intimacy, provide refuge and keep memories.

Crowning Glory Portrait of Susi Muddiman OAM

Joanna Braithwaite
Crowning Glory - Portrait of Susi Muddiman OAM 2019
oil on linen
198 x 175cm
Tweed Regional Gallery collection
Pending - Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program by Joanna Braithwaite, 2020
Copyright the artist

Director’s Choice
from the Tweed Regional Gallery collection

26 March – 13 June 2021

This exhibition, drawn entirely from the Tweed Regional Gallery collection, was curated by Gallery Director Susi Muddiman OAM. The Gallery’s objective is to develop and preserve a collection of regional and national significance with a focus on four collection areas: Australian portraits; Artworks of regional relevance; Australian artists’ prints and the life and work of Margaret Olley.

As the Gallery Director I have been working with the Tweed Regional Gallery collection since 2007. It’s a rewarding challenge to envision and care for the collection which I believe to be a significant asset for our community today and into the future.

When considering this exhibition I enjoyed reflecting on the history and growth of the collection – I selected some personal favourites; some works that we hadn’t had the opportunity to exhibit in recent years; and works that reflect the diversity of artists and art forms across our four collecting profiles.

I hope you enjoy my selection!

Susi Muddiman OAM
Director, Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre

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