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You are here: art of the region
Friday 26 June 2020 to Sunday 17 January 2021
Withey Gallery

You are here: art of the region is an exhibition comprised entirely of works in the Tweed Regional Gallery collection and highlights one of the Gallery’s four collection focus areas: artworks of regional relevance.

The exhibition explores artists’ different interpretations of the unique landscape and characteristics of the region, which extends from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales to South Eastern Queensland, as well as the work of artists living or working in our region.

Artists include Margaret Olley, William Robinson, Angus McDonald, James Guppy, Karla Dickens, Guy Maestri and Hiromi Tango.

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative.

Margaret Olley (b.1923, d.2011)
Low tide 1963
ink and watercolour on paper
Purchased through the Tweed Regional Gallery Donations Fund, 2016.
Tweed Regional Gallery collection


Margaret's House
Margaret Olley I Nicholas Harding I Pam Tippett I Adam Pyett
Wednesday 28 October 2020 to Sunday 2 May 2021
Margaret Olley Art Centre

Margaret’s House includes some of the finest examples of Olley’s still lifes and interiors, from public and private collections, alongside new work by three contemporary Australian painters.

Nicholas Harding, Pam Tippett and Adam Pyett were invited to explore the re-creation of Margaret Olley’s home studio, and made new work in response to its intriguing interiors and the incredible collection of objects that Olley collected as subject matter for her paintings.

This intersection of Olley’s home studio, her paintings and the contemporary responses, presents a renewed context for Olley’s practice and the genre of still life painting in Australia today.

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative.

Nicholas Harding
The poppy rider 2020
oil on linen, 152 × 168cm
Collection of the artist, courtesy Philip Bacon Galleries.
© The artist


Gabriela Soelkner
Friday 13 November 2020 to Sunday 28 February 2021
Macnaughton Focus Gallery and Kelly Wall

“Thirty-eight years of exploring the caldera of an extinct, ancient shield volcano that erupted twenty-three million years ago.

Thousands of opportunities to gather information. Hundreds of memorable and inspiring details collected on every walk through the bush and rainforest , along many creek beds, touching countless textured, weathered rock surfaces on every mountain climb. Seeing eroded faces in profile on giant rock formations and headlands. Contemplating what fossils could be suspended in the compressed
mud, silt and sediment lines of extraordinary shape and colour.

Often beginning with clear candle and white oil sticks to create a barely visible layer of first impressions, I then draw with earth coloured pencils dipped in black and sepia ink, using soft and hard charcoal for sharp and smudged lines. Powdering the surface with loose graphite and ground pigments of lamp black, caput mortuum, cassel earth and titanium grey. Painting with opaque copper, iridescent nickel, flat black and white gesso. Scraping, scarring and scratching back the layers exposing earlier hidden marks as the process opens a cache of collected memories and stories.

While reflecting on the permanency of a rock face and the temporary nature of human life, I have combined my interests in anthropology, archaeology and geology into an exhibition of work revealing my relationship stories about the land and the people that have created intimacy in my life and art practice.”

Gabriela Soelkner

An outcome of the Community Access Exhibitions Program.

Gabriela Soelkner
gesso, ink, charcoal, oilstick on 300 gsm paper, 70 × 100cm
Image courtesy the artist


Mary Shelley – A Seditious Heart
Justin Ealand and Wendy Powitt
Friday 13 November 2020 to Sunday 28 February 2021
Boyd Gallery

Photographer Justin Ealand and embroiderer and sculptor Wendy Powitt bring together an enchanting exhibition that highlights the difficulty of life when as individuals we are not completely in tune with our community's belief system of acceptable behaviour.

This exhibition will re-create three imaginary rooms from the house of Mary and Percy Shelley that foster radical ideas and communicate social difficulties to inspire audience contemplation on today’s society.

Mary and Percy Shelley were writers and poets of the early 19th century, with Mary writing the legendary gothic tale Frankenstein at the age of 18. Mary and Percy lived a radical, passionate and itinerant life in Europe, and were complex and interesting individuals.

An outcome of the Community Access Exhibitions Program.

Justin Ealand
Wahla as Mary Wollstonecraft 2019
giclee cotton rag print, 61 × 81cm
Image courtesy the artist


National Art (part one)
Friday 13 November 2020 to Sunday 3 January 2021
The Temporary Exhibitions Gallery

National Art (part one) presents a dynamic selection of artworks by 50 of Australia’s most significant artists who studied at Australia’s leading art school – Sydney’s National Art School.

As the National Art School approaches 100 years on its Darlinghurst site (1922–2022) and over 175 years in operation, this exhibition celebrates some of the extraordinary artists who trained at the institution over the past seven decades. The exhibition features recent artworks and early formative works by key alumni, and applauds the creative drive, skill and imagination of those who have emerged from the School’s historic sandstone walls to become artists of national significance.

National Art (part one) presents diverse approaches to artmaking bound by a common grounding in studio-based practice and a passionate commitment to experimentation. The artists’ approaches vary considerably, from abstract and expressive genres to experimentation with form, to cultural landscapes and political perspectives, dada and the surreal, interior viewpoints and the everyday. The work demonstrates the various disciplines taught at NAS; ceramics, painting, photomedia, printmaking, sculpture, as well as inter-disciplinary practices utilising digital media, assemblage, performance and artist books.

National Art School Touring Exhibition Program

Guy Maestri
Innocent X, 2017
painted bronze, 66 x 46 x 26 cm
National Art School Collection
donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program by the artist, 2018
© the artist


Planes, Trains and Bubble'O Bills
Kenny Pittock
Friday 27 November 2020 to Sunday 14 March 2021
Friends Gallery

This new exhibition by Melbourne-based artist Kenny Pittock focuses on ideas around being stuck in one place, and the ways in which we keep ourselves mentally active during the times we’re unable to be physically active. In previous years this meant finding ways to pass the time during our daily commuting, such as drawing on the train. More recently though this has branched out into our homes, in ways such as getting a sourdough starter, looking for missing puzzle pieces, and cutting our own fringe. If we can't get on an actual plane, at least we still have Aeroplane jelly!

With travel plans on hold, ideas around staying safe and happy are playfully explored through a large series of drawings and fun ceramic sculpture, in an optimistic exhibition that aims to bring some smiles to all who experience it. See it today before it melts away like an ice-cream!

This summer program for families is supported by The Friends of the Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre Inc.

Kenny Pittock
Melted Bubble'O Bill 2020
acrylic on ceramic
26 x 3 x 25cm
Image courtesy the artist

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