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Making their mark:
Australian artist prints from the collection
Friday 3 September 2021 to Sunday 5 June 2022
The Withey Gallery

"When you consider what’s involved in the production of an original artist print, it’s genuinely fascinating. Look closely at any of these works and you can’t help but be impressed with the artists’ technical skills. Apart from the inherent draughtsmanship abilities required to realise their images, consider the engraving, the knowledge of the alchemy of chemicals, the expertise in engraving, and the precision in printing an edition of works.

There’s a physicality involved in printmaking too – the very idea of considering the size of the plate and printing an edition suggests an endurance and strength, often juxtaposed with the fragility of the paper the prints are transferred to. The artist’s judgement of the amount of ink required in creating those necessary tensions between positive and negative spaces in the resulting images is intriguing in itself. Too much or too little could ruin the work and transform the subtleties intrinsic to the artist’s message.

These artists have each made their mark on the landscape of Australian printmaking, and I am thrilled that so many fine works have made their way into the Gallery’s collection. This exhibition celebrates the astonishing and powerful medium of printmaking. Look closely at the marks, the scrapes and the scratches involved in these artists’ prints and discover and marvel in the beauty of the multiple.”

Susi Muddiman OAM
Gallery Director

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative.

Michael Kempson
Presents with presence (detail) 2013
etching on paper, 66.5 x 50cm
Tweed Regional Gallery collection
Gift of Patrick Corrigan AM, 2013
© The artist


Les Peterkin Portrait Prize for children
Friday 24 September 2021 to Sunday 28 November 2021
The Macnaughton Focus Gallery and Kelly Wall

A ‘selfie’ typically refers to self-portrait photographs taken with the camera held at arm's length. As a contemporary form of self-expression, a ‘selfie’ can be the documentation of a passing experience and a way to tell the world about ourselves. In 2021, local primary school students were invited to create a self-portrait featuring themselves in the form of a ‘selfie’, capturing their personalities, interests, life and character.

Ranging from the delightful paintings of kindergarten students to detailed illustrations by children in upper primary classes, #Selfie will display 40 framed prize-winning works on the wall and another 200 outstanding works in display folders. This increasingly popular prize is named for artist and art teacher Mr Les Peterkin and is a celebration of the artistic talent of local primary school students, giving a glimpse into how young people see themselves in today’s world.

The Les Peterkin Portrait Prize (LPPP) is a collaborative project of Tyalgum Public School and the Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre, coordinated by artist and teacher, Marianne Galluzzo. The LPPP is generously sponsored by the Tyalgum P&C Association, the Friends of Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre Inc., School Arts Supplies and Derivan.

2019 Les Peterkin Portrait Prize Finalist Dharylle Price (7 yrs old)
The Forest (detail) 2019


Entangled: Charlotte Haywood
Friday 24 September 2021 to Sunday 28 November 2021
The Boyd Gallery

Charlotte Haywood lives regionally in Northern NSW on Bundjalung Country. She is an experimental interdisciplinary artist exploring themes and practices from pop to the primordial. She seeks cultural and linguistic nuances of the body and the landscape to decrypt and unfold multi-narratives. She creates works that thread disparate narratives of time, culture and place through the use of materiality, process, form and motif; from the botanical and historical to future nostalgia.

She looks to untie hierarchies in light of multiplicity; an act of decolonising the self.

Experimentally trading between the tactile and the digital, form and ephemera, she works across – textiles, sculpture, installation, experimental architecture, film, theatre, sound, linguistics, community and ecologies.

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative. An outcome of the Community Access Exhibitions Program

Charlotte Haywood
It’s Now or Never ... Caladenia audasii 2019
bras, underwear, slips, lingerie, nightwear, evening gowns, silk, satin, organza, steel rod, 200 × 125 × 56cm
Photographer: Kate Holmes
Courtesy of the artist


Ken Done: Up to 80
Friday 1 October 2021 to Sunday 28 November 2021
The Temporary Exhibitions Gallery

Since his first solo exhibition in 1980, Ken Done has become one of Australia’s most renowned artists. His work has been described as ‘the most original style to come out of Australia’, and his paintings are in collections throughout the world. Done has held over 100 solo shows, including major exhibitions in Australia, Europe, Japan and the USA.

His works have been shown in the Archibald, Sulman, Wynne, Blake and Dobell Prizes. In 1992, Done received the Order of Australia (AM) for services to Art, Design and Tourism. In many parts of the world, Ken Done has come to symbolise Australia and Australians – creative, optimistic and bold.

The Ken Done Gallery and Tweed Regional Gallery present a new and vivid exhibition of mostly unseen works. It represents many of the artist’s favourite and best-loved subjects – the beach, the reef and portraiture, as well as his own personal environment – his garden and cabin studio in Sydney. A selection of works from the new publication Ken Done: Art Design Life will also be shown.

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative in partnership with the Ken Done Gallery.

Ken Done AM
Cadmium Orange Studio 2012
oil and acrylic on canvas, 102 x 122cm.
Courtesy of Ken Done Gallery
© The artist


The Supers
Craig Tuffin
Friday 5 November 2021 to Sunday 1 May 2022
The Anthony Gallery

“This series is one of short stories. Each image is a piece of the greater whole, one chapter in a larger novel that scrutinises human potential. It seeks to depict those often unremembered, monastic faces of humanity as heroic versions of themselves.

These fictional tableaux contain a common narrative that threads its way through the entire series. Yet it would be a mistake to think that each is an unfinished work when observed in isolation, or ambiguous without some contribution from the remaining images.

By juxtaposing elements of Flemish symbolism with a rich dose of Hollywood bluster, we might begin to recognise the meek profile of our neighbour, hidden quietly within the formidable guise of a hero. With eyes averted from the lens, they neither recognise themselves as a creature of significance nor the presence of an audience.

The tension between rather melancholic surroundings and the valiant protagonist is deliberate. I hope that by carefully staging each photograph, as many questions are elicited as answers. As always, context is rooted within one’s own history.”

Craig Tuffin

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative.

Craig Tuffin
The Supers No.2 2020
archival pigment prints, 40" x 54"
Courtesy of the artist


At Home
Margaret Olley & Ben Quilty
Saturday 13 November 2021 to Sunday 20 February 2022
The Margaret Olley Art Centre

This exhibition tells the story of mentorship, art and friendship between Margaret Olley (1923–2011) and Ben Quilty (b.1973), two of Australia’s most celebrated artists.

At Home is a sublime collection of recent still life paintings by Ben Quilty alongside still lifes and interiors by Margaret Olley, from the latter half of her extraordinary career.

Our new, post-COVID world inadvertently offered a context for the making of work by Quilty that finds synergy with Olley’s dedication to painting still life. During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown Quilty turned to ordinary objects as subject matter for painting – something Olley did for many decades in her own Duxford Street home studio.

At Home brings their work together to reflect on the everyday as subject matter for painting and as a humble vehicle for the contemplation of humanity.

The Margaret Olley Estate is represented by Philip Bacon Galleries (Brisbane). Ben Quilty is represented by Jan Murphy Gallery (Brisbane) and Tolarno Galleries (Melbourne).

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative.

Ben Quilty (b. 1973)
Multi Vitamins and Surface Spray 2020
oil on linen, 132 × 112 cm
Tweed Regional Gallery collection
Gift of the Tweed Regional Gallery Foundation Ltd. 2021
© The artist


Softening the Eyes
Nadja Kabriel
Friday 3 December 2021 to Sunday 30 January 2022
The Macnaughton Focus Gallery and Kelly Wall

Softening the Eyes is artist Nadja Kabriel’s response to her surroundings and her place in them. For the artist, the process of oil painting is almost entirely visceral; painting removes the veils that prevent us from seeing. The inspiration for these works comes when Kabriel sees, in a new light, the objects that she normally walks (or drives) past unnoticed. By painting them from this new perspective, she returns herself to reality.

“As humans we are always trying to make sense of our place and deal with the truth of our mortal position in the world, so by softening my eyes and turning my attention inwards, my primary objective is to return the viewer to reality, to the present, to something that will make us feel connected and at home.”

Nadja Kabriel

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative. An outcome of the Community Access Exhibitions Program.

Nadja Kabriel
Mint In Jar 2021
oil on board, 43 x 53cm
Courtesy of the artist


Beauty for Beauty's Sake
David Preston
Friday 3 December 2021 to Sunday 30 January 2022
The Boyd Gallery

Uki-based artist David Preston is a self-described gypsy. His practice extends across painting, drawing and various forms of printmaking. In each of these media Preston reflects the interiors and landscapes of places he has lived in and travelled to over many decades.

Preston’s latest exhibition is comprised of new works created throughout 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the associated lockdown and its implications for an artist who works largely en plein air. Capturing thoughtfully arranged still lifes, views from his garden and scenes of quiet village life, Preston emphasises a beauty- first approach to artmaking. Preston said, “In this Neo Postmodern age, my hope is that beauty can once again be fashionable.”

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative.

David Preston
Lilies in the Looking Glass 2020
oil on linen, 92 x 76cm
Courtesy of the artist


Experimenta Life Forms:
International Triennial of Media Art
Friday 10 December 2021 to Sunday 30 January 2022
The Temporary Exhibitions Gallery

Experimenta Life Forms reveals how contemporary artists are exploring notions of life, at a time when technological change and new research findings are making definitions of ‘life’ increasingly difficult to pin down. What new life forms are emerging through technological and biological adaptation and invention? Are our definitions of life shifting because of new scientific discoveries? How do First Nation’s epistemologies influence ways of thinking and understanding life? How are notions of our place in the web of life changing now that research is identifying sentience in animals, plant-life, and perhaps soon in our machines?

Experimenta Life Forms features a diversity of artforms including robotics, bio-art, screen-based works, installations, participatory and generative art. The exhibition showcases 20 artworks by 26 leading Australian and international artists who are making a significant contribution to current dialogues about the changing notions of life, as we know it.

Curators: Jonathan Parsons and Lubi Thomas
Associate Curator: Jessica Clark

Justine Emard
Soul Shift
video still
Courtesy of the artist

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