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Treasure Island
Darren Sylvester
Friday 14 May 2021 to Sunday 31 October 2021
Anthony Gallery

Darren Sylvester’s multi-disciplinary practice involves staged studio photography, sculpture, video, installation, performance and music.

Each work is the result of a long, detailed process of research and planning, often involving a wide range of pop culture moments and artefacts. A hand-built set of props in studio are then photographed with large-format film, creating a hyper-real saturated effect that is direct and to the point, however with inherent levels of great detail and complexity. The works are designed to investigate the language between perceived high and low culture, the nature of authenticity, desirability and mortality.

For example, the work Stacey re-imagines a character from an unknown American science-fiction film, with the suit purchased by Sylvester at a Hollywood auction house. The only clue to the character was the name ‘Stacey’ inscribed inside, here the character and location is re-imagined and Stacey is brought back to life.

The title of the exhibition alludes to the Disney-fied trope of fortunes and mysteries in undiscovered spaces; a theme not dissimilar to the worlds created within Sylvester's images.

Darren Sylvester
Stacey 2018
240 × 320cm, lightjet print
Courtesy the artist, Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney and Neon Parc, Melbourne

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