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Friends of Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre Inc.

The Tweed Regional Gallery has an active Friends organisation with over 1,500 members, which arranges concerts, visits to artists' studios, and many other social, educational and fundraising functions each year.

Money raised by the Friends helps the Gallery to build its collections, and provides facilities for the comfort of Gallery visitors.

Members of the Friends are invited to all Gallery activities, and receive regular newsletters to keep them abreast of all that is happening.

Constitution of Friends of Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre Inc. (121kB PDF)

Membership Form (707kB PDF)

President: Alan Hann
Vice President: Kym Schofield-Kelly
Treasurer: Karlene Polglase
Secretary: Bronwyn Lewis
Membership Sec: Rose Wilsher
Public Officer: Penny Hall
Artifacts editor: Heather McLachlan

Committee members:
Meredith Dennis
Martin Sullivan
Carole Evans
Anne McLennan
Laverne Marshall

Contact Details
02 6670 2790

Friends Committee Oct 2017

Artifacts Newsletters

Artifacts November 2017 Newsletter (355kB PDF)

Artifacts June 2017 Newsletter (357kB PDF)

Artifacts April 2017 Newsletter (1.18mB PDF)

Artifacts November 2016 Newsletter (377kB PDF)

Artifacts June 2016 Newsletter (416kB PDF)

Artifacts April 2016 Newsletter (287kB PDF)

Artifacts September 2015 Newsletter (371kB PDF)

Artifacts May 2015 Newsletter (394kB PDF)

Artifacts March 2015 Newsletter (425kB PDF)

Artifacts November 2014 Newsletter (658kB PDF)

Artifacts September 2014 Newsletter (1.06mB PDF)

Artifacts May 2014 Newsletter (482kB PDF)

Artifacts November 2013 Newsletter (1.05mB PDF)

Artifacts July 2013 Newsletter (449kB PDF)

Artifacts May 2013 Newsletter (382kB PDF)

Artifacts February 2013 Newsletter (455kB PDF)

The Tweed Regional Gallery Foundation Ltd

The Gallery's Foundation was formed to assist the Gallery and all its activities.

The Foundation invites Donations, Gifts and Bequests , for which it offers full tax deductibility.

Members of the Foundation are invited to all Gallery activities, special Gala events and receive regular newsletters to keep them abreast of all that is happening. Members of the Foundation can choose to have their name added to the Honour Board.

Foundation Annual Review 2014-15 (1.15mB PDF)

Foundation Membership Form (939kB PDF)

Constitution of the TRAG Foundation Ltd (313kB PDF)

Hicks Petrina_Eye Candy

Petrina Hicks
Eye Candy (from The Descendants series) 2008
LightJet print
Gift of Doug and Margot Anthony through the Tweed River Art Gallery Foundation, 2008

Information for Volunteers

We thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre. The Gallery is always keen to induct new volunteers to assist within the Gallery and the Margaret Olley Art Centre. Volunteers work at the Gallery between the hours of 10:00am to 1:30pm and/or from 1:30pm to 5:00pm Wednesday to Sunday. Volunteers can be rostered on for two shifts a month or more depending on their availability. Prospective volunteers are asked to complete the Registration form (251kB PDF) and the Expression of interest (43kB PDF) and email both documents to the address provided on the form so that the Volunteer Co-ordinator can contact you with further information.

The spectacular success of the Tweed Regional Gallery, its fundraising programs and community support would not be possible without the assistance of our valued volunteers.

Volunteering at the Gallery is an enjoyable way of contributing to your community. It's also a way to ensure that you see each exhibition on display, and is a wonderful way to meet like-minded and interesting people. Volunteering at the Gallery also provides you with a better understanding and appreciation of the complex operations and functions of a professional and well-respected public art gallery.

Currently the Gallery has more than 180 volunteers who give their time and expertise. This figure includes our volunteer committee members.

Tweed Regional Gallery Advisory Committee

The Tweed Regional Gallery Advisory Committee is appointed by resolution of Council to assist and advise Council in matters relating to the review and updating of the Gallery’s policies and plans.

  • the Committee shall advise Council on the care and future developments of the Collection and the Tweed Regional Gallery
  • the Committee shall keep the objectives, policies and strategies of the Gallery under constant review
  • the Committee shall encourage the enjoyment, appreciation and education in the arts in the Tweed region through advice to the Tweed Shire Council
The current members are:

Community members:

Louise Devine
Shirley Kennedy
Hobie Porter
Penny Hall - Friends representative
Mark Cora
Dr Martin Sullivan
Jenny Unwin
Arabella Douglas-Harris

Clr Warren Polglase (Chair)
Clr Reece Byrnes

Susi Muddiman (ex officio)

Terms of Reference (91kB PDF)
Also see Donations, Gifts and Bequests.
Last Updated: 06 January 2018