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Friday 9 December, 2016 to Sunday 26 February, 2017

The Phantom Art Show

The Temporary Exhibitions Gallery

The Phantom Art Show, an exhibition inspired by the comic book character, is truly for the young at heart! Nostalgic, surprising and fun, this exhibition celebrates the evolution of this unique heroic character over the past 80 years.

Exhibition co-curators, Dietmar Lederwasch and Peter Kingston write, “Lee Falk created the Phantom in 1936 in New York City. This exhibition is dedicated to his first two Phantom artists, Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy. Us Phantom artists grew up before the digital age when comics were king: Superman, Batman, Nancy and Sluggo, The Little King, Captain Marvel… but none resonate like the Phantom. Youthful obsessions with him linger, taking root in impressionable consciousness and refusing to budge.”

More than 30 artists have contributed their various interpretations of the “Ghost Who Walks” through a variety of media and styles. Participating artists include Charles Blackman, Kevin Connor, Elisabeth Cummings, Reg Mombassa, Euan Macleod, Paul Ryan, Gary Shead and Greg Weight.

This exhibition proves that childhood obsessions can be hard to shake!

Presented in association with Australian Galleries, Sydney

Elisabeth Cummings
P K as the Phantom 2014
oil on canvas
70 x 60cm

Friday 9 December, 2016 to Sunday 26 February, 2017

PERFORMANCE - Abbey McCulloch

The Boyd Gallery

Like bursts from a camera shutter, Abbey McCulloch’s series PERFORMANCE captures not only the most consciously posed and poised bodies, but those moments in between that reveal the out-takes, where gestures belie the vivacious, confident woman caught only a millisecond before.

Somehow, we all know one of these fabulous creatures. She oozes with self-possession, acuity and style. She has a kind of élan, or je ne sais quoi that can be neither bought or photoshopped. With a prolonged and desiring gaze we realise that she is not one, but many women. She is composite and contemporary taste. She is a construction created by you and I, and them ‘out there’.

In this moment, McCulloch’s aim comes into sharp relief, problematising the very act of looking. She asks simply, “What do you want from her?” And in asking this question, McCulloch characterises the expectations we place on others and ourselves in the performance of everyday life.

Dr Laini Burton, 2016

Abbey McCulloch is represented by This Is No Fantasy, Melbourne and Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane

Abbey McCulloch
Borrow 2016
oil on canvas
55 x 45cm

Friday 9 December, 2016 to Sunday 26 February, 2017

Becoming - Susan Kinneally

The Macnaughton Focus Gallery

This work began with a course in botanical illustration at the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. I love intricate detail and line and enjoyed learning to use watercolour, which is a wonderful medium - transparent and sensitive. However, although I loved the medium I found the discipline of describing botanical features tedious – scientific accuracy didn’t appeal as much as making images.

My drawings started to rebel. They grew into a series of works which are inspired by my interest in different realities. In my botanical world there are parallel universes about to collide. The kingdoms of flora and fauna are melding, with the added complication of the incursion of fantastical creatures, but in the subtlest way. One does not always see at first, the wrapping of a mermaid’s tail around the stem of an iris, nor the carpet snake transforming into a Golden Penda.

Susan Kinneally, March 2016

Susan Kinneally
Iris Mermaid 2 2014
pen and watercolour on Saunders watercolour paper
56 x 76cm

Friday 16 December, 2016 to Sunday 12 March, 2017

1,2,3 Count the Collection

The Friends Gallery

The Tweed Regional Gallery collection currently numbers over 1,100 artworks.

But it’s all about counting to the magic number 10 in this fun exhibition for families. Using artworks to illustrate numbers, 1,2,3 Count the Collection will introduce a diverse range of works from the collection that will fascinate and delight audiences of all ages.

There’s only 1 thing 2 do, 3 words 4 you – “Count the Collection”…

Shane Jones
Untitled #12 (shoes) 1997
oil on canvas
Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by the artist, 2008
Tweed Regional Gallery collection

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